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Turn your mobile app into a customer engagement machine

Elevate your brand with our Mobile Engagement Platform designed to connect you to your customers. Drive loyalty, on-property traffic, and upsells by delivering personalized recommendations at the right place and right time.

Unleash Contextual, Personalized Mobile Engagement Through The Power of Location

Turn your mobile app into a customer engagement powerhouse. With Phunware’s mobile engagement platform, leverage location-based technologies to engage users at just the right moment — as they enter, dwell in, or exit your business locations. Make your brand more than a business; make it an experience that stays with your customers.

1:1 engagement at the right place and time

Hyper-personalized targeting and proximity marketing

Insights about app user behavior and venue operations

Unlock Invaluable Insights and Achieve Proven ROI With
an Enhanced Mobile Engagement Platform

Harness the full power of Phunware’s Mobile Engagement Platform to not only drive meaningful conversions, but also precisely track and attribute them back to your strategies. Experience a tangible return on investment as you witness increased store visits, more purchases, higher traffic, expanded fan base, and enhanced per-purchase spending. Witness, in real numbers, the transformative impact of a smart mobile engagement strategy on your success metrics.

Monitor time spent at your locations and optimize staffing and operations accordingly.

Attribute conversion and offer redemption directly to your mobile marketing campaigns.

Connect to your CRM for even deeper analytics and visibility.

Benefits of Our Mobile Engagement Platform

Embark on a transformative journey by incorporating Phunware’s Mobile Engagement Platform into your overarching marketing strategy.

By choosing Phunware, you’re not just selecting a platform—you’re embracing a comprehensive approach that is integral to
business growth in a mobile-first and consumer-centric world.

Here’s how this platform will be an invaluable tool for your business:

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Forge stronger relationships with your customers through personalized, timely, and context-aware interactions that show you truly understand their needs and preferences.

Elevated Brand Awareness

Use engaging, targeted campaigns to consistently place your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, turning casual users into avid advocates.

Impressive ROI

With precise tracking and attribution tools, visualize the direct impact of your mobile engagement efforts on your bottom line, validating your investment with tangible returns.

Competitive Edge

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of competitors is essential. Phunware ensures your business is leveraging the latest tools and tactics to outperform the competition.

How Phunware’s Mobile Engagement Platform Works

Dive into the meticulous design and powerful capabilities of Phunware’s Mobile Engagement Platform to understand why it is more than just a software—it’s your business’ new strategic advantage. With Phunware, you are empowered to create, analyze, and optimize like a pro, turning your mobile app into a dynamic customer engagement powerhouse that drives real business results through the power of location.

Campaign Creation and Launch

Effortlessly design and deploy targeted campaigns. Whether it’s a broadcast, geo-fence, or beacon campaign, the platform’s intuitive interface ensures your messages reach the right audience at the perfect moment.

Real-time User Behavior Tracking

Monitor user interactions with your app in real time, gaining immediate insights that can be used to adapt your strategies on the fly for maximum effectiveness.

Deep Data

Use the platform’s robust analytics tools to dissect campaign performance at a granular level. From user engagement metrics to conversion tracking, every piece of data is a stepping stone towards refining your strategies.

Continuous Strategy Optimization

Armed with comprehensive insights, continually refine and evolve your mobile engagement strategies to stay ahead of customer expectations and industry trends.

3 Types of Campaigns To Empower Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

In today’s fast-paced digital world, reaching your customers with the right message at the right time and place is not just a nice-to-have—it’s a necessity. Phunware’s Mobile Engagement Platform offers three distinct, yet harmoniously integrated, campaign types designed to precisely target and engage your mobile audience. Here’s how each can be a strategic asset for your business:

Broadcast Campaign

Extend your reach effortlessly with scheduled messages. Whether targeting your entire user base or specific segments, deliver impactful announcements, product launches, exclusive offers, or even emergency notifications right when they matter most.

Geo-Fence Campaign

Revolutionize engagement with location intelligence. Trigger context-rich interactions as customers enter or exit a predefined area, such as a welcoming message upon property entry, instructions to their destination, or a special offer when they are nearby an amenity.

Beacon Campaign

Achieve unmatched precision and personalization. Engage users with hyper-targeted messages based on their proximity to specific beacon locations, enabling highly contextual and timely interactions that resonate with your audience.

The Facts On Using Location To Improve Mobile Engagement

1 %

90% of US smartphone users take advantage of location for directions, recommendations, or other location-based information.

– Pew Research, 2016 –
$ 1 Billion

Beacons will influence $8 billion in spending on consumer goods in 2016.

– Business Insider, 2016 –
$ 1 Billion

Location-targeted mobile ad revenue will be more than $18 billion by 2019.

– Business Insider, 2016 –

Mobile Engagement Use Cases

Regardless of your industry, mobile engagement can help drive the outcomes that are important to your business.



Drive store traffic and revenue with targeted promotions and order alerts. Integrate with your inventory management system for even more targeted promotions. Optimize store operations with smart sales floor coverage and shopper heatmaps.



Increase patient engagement with on-site events (flu clinics, etc.). Welcome patients and visitors as they enter or send feedback surveys as they exit.



Notify fans about upcoming show releases. Allow fans to select, curate and receive notifications for the content they care about.


Live Event Venues

Enhance the fan experience with fan polls, trivia and more. Reward season ticket holders with deals on concessions or merchandise.

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